A Boxy Tee You Can Sew in a Weekend

Finished Camber Shirt from Merchant and Mills

I've always loved creating things by hand, but it's been a while since I last sewed. This year I picked up a pattern for a simple boxy tee from my favourite sewing shop in Toronto, The Workroom, in an attempt to get back into the rhythm of sewing. I loved how this one turned out and recommend the pattern if you're looking for something quick with high versatility since this sewing pattern serves as both a t-shirt and a dress.


Project Resources

  1. The Camber Set pattern from Merchant and Mills
  2. Cotton-linen blend in Flax from The Workroom


Project Tips & Modifications

I made a few changes to the pattern and have a couple personal preferences when it comes to sewing:

  • Wash your raw fabric in hot water and dry in a machine prior to cutting. This pre-shrinks the material to ensure you're finished piece is sized accurately.
  • Size and adjust the darts by starting with a loose basting stitch (the darting in the pattern didn't fit me properly the first time I sewed it).
  • This pattern made the finished t-shirt pretty long – I cut about 5 inches off the bottom after sewing the sides and hemmed from there.
  • Don't let not having a serger deter you from sewing clothes! I finish my seams with a second row of tiny stitches close to the original seam to prevent fraying.


All in all, this little sewing project took just over a day's worth of work and definitely has me inspired to make a couple more Camber tops and try out the dress pattern in time for spring.

Finished Merchant and Mills Camber Top in cotton-linen blend
Finished Camber Top in a lightweight cotton-linen blend