Embroidery 101: Resources

embroidery 101 resources

Since I started working in the tech industry, I have a renewed appreciation for analog hobbies and handcrafted things. I really value time away from my laptop screen. I love sewing and now that knitting season is done, I decided to try my hand at some of the things I’ve saved on my Pinterest craft board.

I found an embroidery template in an old sewing basket of my grandmother’s and decided to get going. You can find ones similar to this here and here. These are a good way to get started because the pattern is printed for you and visible on both sides of the fabric.

I purchased this embroidery pocket guide at The Workroom in Toronto, a 4” embroidery hoop, and a couple dozen colours of embroidery thread at the dollar store. 

If you live in Toronto and want to learn some embroidery basics, try taking a class with Gal Who Sews and Basic Stitch. I took their Female Figures & Florals class at the Drake Hotel this winter and it was a great way to get going!